Our co-working space offers an open, sociable, creative working environment with relaxed atmosphere for synthesizing talents of all trades. Conveniently located at the heart of Wanchai, contract free, flexible terms, affordable and with total business support services. The premise serves as a platform for interactive collaboration, networking, business scaling and opportunities ignition.


Services include 服務內容:

(For all Passes)
> Fully furnished open working spaces
> Free broadband internet and wifi access
> Unlimited fax receiving / transferring and local fax sending
無限傳真接收 / 轉發及本地傳真發送
> Free first 50 A4 size photocopies / printings
> Management & utility fees, government rates
> Daily housekeeping and constant cleaning & pest controlling
> Free tea and coffee

(For Monthly Passes only)
> Register, business, correspondence mailing address
> Professional reception and mail handling
> Free meeting room usage

Membership 會籍:


Hourly Pass Daily Pass Weekly Pass 7-Day Pass Monthly Pass

Rates HK$

25 /hour 150 /day 840 /7 cont. days 945 /any 7 days in a quarter 1,500 /month


within office hours within office hours within office hours within office hours 24 x 7

Remarks 附註:

Deposit 按金 : Waive 轄免 (except for Monthly Passes)
Term of license 服務期限 : Minimum 1 hour, pay in advance, non-refundable, no contract 最少一小時, 預付, 已繳費用不獲退還, 免簽約
Discount is offered for a long term leasing 較長租用期可享折扣優惠
Special 50% discount is offered for the first order of new members 新客戶可享額外半價優惠
Prepayment discount 預付折扣 : 5%, 10% & 25% discount for 3M, 6M & 12M prepayment respectively
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